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Services for Private Inventors

“The idea is only the first step in the process.”

Every inventor will tell you that it takes time, hard work, dedication and collaboration with the right people to successfully commercialize their invention. You are here because you are serious about taking the right steps toward protecting your invention before promoting or disclosing it.

“The idea is only the first step in the process.”


We pride ourselves on offering these services to help you attain your goals:

  • Conduct research and analyze marketability
  • Conduct patent (Prior Art) research
  • Analysis of Prior Art to avoid infringement on existing patents
  • Provide legal assistance (US)
  • Prepare your patent application for filing (drafting)
  • Assistance with patent drawings and invention illustrations
  • Patent Management
  • Patent Portfolio Management
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Intellectual Property Research

Before starting the process to get a patent for your invention, you first need to conduct an Intellectual Property (IP) search using services like ours to see if your idea is unique. The purpose of an IP search is to identify patents similar to your invention to ensure that your invention hasn’t already been created or patented.


Common Misconception Among Inventors

There is a common misconception about inventing a product or service that some still believe to be true. Many think that the idea is the most important part, however, it is a small part of the process. You need to have a good knowledge of how to patent your invention. You still need market research data, patent management, a prototype, and a proposal before pitching your idea to a company. Even then, it takes a lot of equity to turn an idea into financial success. This is some Levin Consulting Group can help you with.


Why Work with LCG?

The unique blend of a small, highly qualified team with a taste for innovation and highly sought after business expertise makes us very unique in the patent attorney/agent landscape. YOu can count on us to help with things like medical device patent, patent portfolio management, patent licensing, patent draft, patent application, competitive intelligence, innovation harvesting, and more.


Unlike many other firms, we are a “cloud” team, working from the convenience of our homes. We come to work with zero road rage and stay until the moment we must go home, which is just behind the office door. We are a family firm that genuinely cares about your success and wants to see you flourish.


What LCG Can Do For You

Due to our abundance of experience, we have a deep understanding of the constraints that life can put on a private inventor with no big corporation to support him or her. For example, rather than just obtaining a medical device patent for the invention that you worked so hard to create, we can help you actually commercialize it. We have tried and tested processes that produce extraordinary results and can help take your invention to the next level. Don’t hesitate – contact us today to get started.

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