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“When large companies hold intellectual property rights, they are typically managed by a senior IP counsel that runs a dedicated IP operations department. While not every company has an in-house IP counsel, every innovative business will have at least one person whose job description includes managing the company’s IP. This usually includes implementing the company’s patent strategy, meeting deadlines, completing and submitting documents and any other IP management that may need to occur. “

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Startups tend to have very little in the way of IP responsibilities, only requiring the filing of a patent application or two. IP management is usually left to outside counsel, but IP management will quickly become a more difficult task.


However, you can always obtain assistance with IP management from dedicated companies such as Levin Consulting Group. We offer a wide range of IP management services such as IP Strategy Development, IP Strategic Implementation, Patent Optimization, Patent Drafts, Patent Licensing, and more. If you are looking to file a patent or need professional patent management services, get in contact with us today.

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A Brief History of Levin Consulting Group

Levin Consulting Group (LCG) was formed in 2007 by Victoria and Alex Levin. They started off focusing primarily on providing patent search and analysis services to corporate and private inventors. In the same years as its inception, LCG made a significant increase in its service offering and its client base and continued to grow from there. 


Three years later, Guy Levi Adv joined the team to provide drafting and US legal capabilities. In 2011, Victoria Levin completed her MA in IP Law and became a registered Israeli Patent Attorney, enabling LCG to offer a full range of IP services around the world through its network of local associates.


Nowadays, LCG serves clients from Israel, Canada, USA, Russia, Germany, Australia, providing a full spectrum of IP services ranging from innovation harvesting to IP strategy development, application drafting and prosecution to litigation and licensing support across the globe through its vast network of associates.


LCG operates in all the domains of industrial IP, such as utility and design patents, trademarks and trade secrets, utility models.


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Patent Agent and Co-Founder

Victoria Levin

One of two founding members of LCG, Victoria holds a Masters Degree in IP Law (U. of Haifa), a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Technion -Israel) and is a Registered Israeli Patent Agent. Victoria has a strong record of successfully managing intellectual property and patent portfolio issues for large medical device OEMs, industrial machinery companies and SMEs in various fields. Being one of two founding members, Victoria oversees the professional services of LCG, where she puts her detail oriented approach to work solving the challenges that IP management presents. She is fluent in English, Russian and Hebrew.

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Partner and Co-Founder

Alex Levin

One of two founding members of LCG, Alex holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business (Toronto) and a Professional Engineering degree in Electrical and Computer Science (Israel). He has diverse experience in the area of management consulting for technology companies. Alex manages the Business Development side of Levin Consulting Group and commercialization activities. In the IP department, Alex performs patent portfolio analysis and outlines clients’ IP strategies, while ensuring them compatible with the overall business strategy. Alex is fluent in English, Russian and Hebrew and travels to Israel regularly.

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PhD, Patent Attorney

Guy Levi Adv

Guy is a US registered Attorney with Bar admission in New York, New Jersey and the USPTO. Guy’s practice includes all aspects of IP protection, from preparation and prosecution, counseling and strategic management of complex IPR portfolios, to litigation support. Guy has taken part in several Patent litigation matters involving medical devices, design patents and telecom hardware. In addition, Guy has worked for several Fortune 100 corporations in RD&E, technology insertion management and as a liaison between RD&E and legal departments. Guy is fluent in English and Hebrew.

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Strategy and IT Advisor

Alex Plotkin

Alex holds MSc in Technology Management from New York University (Polytechnic), and B.Eng. from Coventry University, as well certifications as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Project Management Professional (PMP). Alex has more than 20 years of experience and knowledge in different business and technology areas. He held leadership roles as a founding partner in a number of a technology start-ups, to leading technology revolutions in big corporations like Microsoft, VISA, and banks. Alex has helped a number of startups to finalize product strategy, advised on technology approach and helped develop MVP and full products.

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Commercialization Manager

Eyal Haytman

Eyal oversees commercialization activities of LCG. Building on over 20 years of Business and Product Development and start-up management experience, Eyal provides the company with the necessary insight and the experience of working with a vast range of clients, from start-ups to large multinationals. In addition to working with Key Opinion Leaders across different continents, Eyal also manages his own start-up.

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Shayna (Busch) Bernstein, PhD

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For The Corporate Client

We don’t think like lawyers. Rather, we think like stakeholders which means that you get focused and effective portfolio management. Our unique process can provide these services without compromise at a more competitive rate than law firms.

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When it comes to commercialization there is a multitude of opportunities and tactics. Our success comes from the ability to learn and understand your business growth strategy which allows us to craft and implement the optimal commercialization strategy.

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For The Private Inventor

We help you realize the benefits of your efforts by assisting you with a patent strategy based on your desired outcome and the end-result goal of owning the patent.  We provide the personal touch and assist you in the decision making process.

Trust our team of experts to get you covered and let your patent soar.