Patent Optimization

If you are drafting patents in-house or working with inexperienced patent professionals, you run the risk of losing important components that could be used to strengthen your patent.

New clients have enlisted our patent optimization services to review existing patents only to find that some of the key elements listed in the description were not claimed. Those elements are no longer a component of their intellectual property but instead fall into the public domain. This is only one example of the types of errors we have seen as the result of using the wrong people to draft a patent application.



  • Patent search and analysis of patentability
  • Patent application drafting
  • Patent search and analysis of non-infringement (freedom to operate)
  • Patent search and evaluation of the state of the art
  • Search and analysis of the validity of the patent
  • Patent search for competitor’s market evaluation
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Professionals You Can Trust

Often, the patent professionals’ sales message is “get your patent granted quickly” and their internal measure of success may be to generate high-volume output for their agency. The easiest way to obtain a patent quickly is to narrow the scope of claims. This can have serious negative consequences.


Although we appreciate the urgency many clients have we always subject your application to a systematic process with high level scrutiny when crafting your description and claims.

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