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Intellectual Property Rights Due Diligence

“A business without a patent management strategy has no strategy at all”

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Intellectual property (IP) due diligence is the assessment of an intellectual property’s value and if it has novelty and inventiveness. IP due diligence is most often completed by intellectual property attorneys. Going through a checklist for intellectual property rights due diligence is a great way to see if your IP has enough value to be patented.


  • Preliminary search
  • Patent search for non-infringement analysis
  • Patent search for patentability analysis
  • Patent search for evaluation of the state of the art
  • Patent search for validity analysis
  • Patent search for competitor’s market evaluation
  • Trade Mark search
  • Patent Validity
  • Provisional patent application drafting
  • Competitive landscape evaluation
  • File history retrieval
  • IP patent portfolio management
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IP due diligence assesses all of a company’s assets or IPs as well as giving the buying and selling company a chance to see which IP assets are being sold. Depth, future potential, ownership, scope, and enforceability are what are assessed during the due diligence. At Levin Consulting Group we can help you assess your patent’s value as well as overall patent management, so filing a patent isn’t as complex. 

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Why Work with LCG

Progressive companies bring their multiple patent families to Levin Consulting Group for expert management. We provide patent portfolio management in a more cost-effective way than can be done in-house. Quite often than not we are able to reduce costs by a factor of three, while still providing the responsiveness and level of service as though we were stakeholders in the organization.

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Managing Intellectual Property For Our Clients

We can assist you with patent portfolio management or take over management and upkeep altogether. We’ll handle patent management for a specific sector or as many as you need us to manage. We’ll help you create and manage patent license agreements, verify royalty revenue, track patents for expiration and initiate proactive renewal. We’ll also handle all the interactions with registration offices on your behalf.


Together with our partners and third parties, we help to create and manage patent licensing opportunities for your business sectors. We identify and mitigate risk and help you avoid being blocked and/or secure access for you with favourable terms.


Stay On Track

We help keep you on track by ensuring that your patent strategies are in line with corporate objectives. We help you evaluate your competition and define the IP value to optimize your patent licensing opportunities. Count on us to provide patent portfolio management that exceeds your expectations.

Whether it is for a medical device patent or another service, all our services are performed under an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

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