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IP Strategy Development

Your IP strategy will impact each department in your organization – R&D, Finance, Regulatory Affairs, Marketing and HR. A truly integrated strategy will take all departments into consideration and define the business strategy in order to align it with the IP strategy.

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Our audit may reveal gaps in protection and expose potential risks associated with your internal systems, ownership or conditions of use. It may also identify opportunities such as existing IP protection that is broader than your current business model.

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The decision of where to file for IP protection and the scope of protection you should be seeking. This will be driven by the markets you intend to penetrate. Your strategy will take into account the variations of IP legislation in each country.

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Third Party Control Measures

Don’t lose valuable intellectual property due to third-party interactions. These can include your suppliers, contractors, customers, partners and even employees. We can help you define an IP policy that clearly defines these interactions with proper systems in place.

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Or Outsource?

It is critically important to make an honest evaluation of the talent you have in house and ask yourself the tough questions – is your IP fully protected? Is it working for you? Is it a cost center or profit center? How can Levin Consulting Group assist?


Even if your IP strategy is already aligned with your business strategy, IP issues may influence many of your strategic considerations. Whether you are striving to commercialize your IP portfolio, protect your invention, or create an intangible asset, we can develop and maintain your IP portfolio.

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First Steps

One of our first steps in assisting you with your IP strategy will be to analyze your organization and the environment in which you operate. For instance, if you are a research organization, you may be experiencing issues with the researchers’ desire to publish. Your company’s culture may be partial toward science rather than business growth, with many activities revolving around research contracts, rather than business development.  The ownership of the resulting IP is often very ambiguous and requires detailed considerations.

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The Role We Play

We’ll assist you in developing an IP strategy that includes a publication policy and a clear, unambiguous ownership policy. We’ll help you draft appropriate agreements and implement a training policy to educate your research staff about Intellectual Property.


Larger corporations often have greater difficulty managing IP. It is important to have an IP strategy with policies that spell out management responsibilities. The policies need to be communicated throughout the organization to establish a coherent approach to IP issues. This is how we ensure that this branch of of patent portfolio management service provides value to you.

levin ip strategy development ourrole
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