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Innovation Harvesting

“We align the IP strategy with the business needs of the company, making sure no budget dollar is spent on underperforming assets.”

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For ongoing research and development (R&D) projects, there is usually more than the main idea that is patentable. Innovation harvesting is discovering the not-so-obvious patentable chunks of R&D, looking for new applications of existing ideas and finding out what else could be patented for growing a company’s IP portfolio and help with Patent Portfolio Management.


  • Preliminary search
  • Patent search for non-infringement analysis
  • Patent search for patentability analysis
  • Patent search for evaluation of the state of the art
  • Patent search for validity analysis
  • Patent search for competitor’s market evaluation
  • Trademark search
  • Provisional patent application drafting
  • Competitive landscape evaluation
  • File history retrieval
  • IP Patent Portfolio Management
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Innovation harvesting

What It Involves

Innovation Harvesting also involves companies employing creative individuals to develop new inventions or find inventions that already exist, but their patents aren’t fully articulated to find white space. They document such inventions so they can be protected via patent if needed. Innovation harvesting can also be used during an invention’s active development to ensure that developing invention is properly protected.


Approaching Innovation Harvesting

There are a number of different ways to approach Innovation Harvesting. One way is to meet with an IP counsel to discuss inventions so the patent application can be quickly filed. Another way is for scientists part of the R&D team to meet and brainstorm inventions over a casual get together, then submit invention disclosures. It can also be doen in a way that involves coordinating a facilitator-led session within a technology or product area or group of areas to brainstorm invention ideas.

our innovation harvesting approach
why work with Levin Consulting Group

Why Work with LCG

At Levin Consulting Group, we align the IP strategy with the business needs of the company, making sure no budget dollar is spent on underperforming assets. Progressive companies enlist us for expert management of their patent families because we offer less costly Patent Portfolio Management for our clients; and more often than not, we reduce costs by a factor of three, all while providing a responsive level of services. We also offer superior Intellectual Property Rights Due Diligence (IPRDD) and IP Strategy Development services to our clients.


Stay On Track

While many companies are aware of the benefits that accompany Innovation Harvesting, unless they take steps to support their Innovation Harvesting programs, their efforts may be in vain. At LCG, we help keep you on track and ensure your patent strategies align with corporate objectives and encourage you to support your Innovation Harvesting program. We will help you evaluate your competitors so that you can optimize patent licensing opportunities.

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