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Every research and development project goes through several stages during its lifespan. It is important that each stage is associated with certain Intellectual Property activities in order to provide further protection for your new product, and enable you to become, or continue to be a leader in your field.

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Feasibility Study

A patent search to evaluate the state of the art should be performed. This step is critical in order to decide whether it is potentially profitable to initiate the specific project or if it may be best to explore alternatives.

levin development and prototype

Development and Prototype

A patent search for patentability analysis must be performed in order to stress the innovative elements of your invention. This will help determine the best way to provide the broadest protection for your invention.

levin patent survey

Patent Survey

This search is critical as litigations in the field of Intellectual Property are very expensive and damages could skyrocket if you cannot prove that you have made every effort (searches included) to prevent infringement.

Additional Services

Portfolio Management

Making sure your IP works for you!


Making sure your IP rights are actually yours


Making sure your IP rights are valid

Competitive Intelligence

Putting your IP in perspective


Putting your products on the market

For Private Inventors

Making sure your IP is worth your while

Two Ways To Work With Us


All Intellectual Property activities that you require, including acquiring a medical device patent, are performed and managed through our company. We have an extensive global network of patent agents and attorneys who can optimize your IP management.


You can work with a patent attorney of your choice and we’ll provide our services at every stage of patent life, from initial searches and patent international examination management to maintenance and value extraction. Think of us as of the “Construction Supervisor” for your patents.

Trust our team of experts to get you covered and let your patent soar.