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Commercialization Services

We are your IP focused, business savvy partner with the mindset of lawyers, engineers and marketers all in one place. We have developed a proven commercialization strategy to ensure funding, early adoption and swift market penetration for your technology.

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Business Model Assessment

In collaboration with your core client team, the LCG task team works closely to understand and assess viable business models that support commercialization with IP strategy. Each strategy is evaluated and supported by a competitive intelligence pricing strategy to help select the best and most viable approach for a successful launch.

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Commercializing new technologies takes expert knowledge and planning. The strategy behind commercialization is critical to the successful outcome for both short and long-term goals. LCG has a developed and proven market evaluation methodology to help with early adoption, and to launch the product with clearly defined steps.

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Market Penetration Strategy

LCG will focus on positioning the product in every defined market in accordance with the business model, and on key market area and growth strategies, based on an agreed approach determined in earlier stages. The strategies will outline items required to capture the market share and identify key business partners who have mutual benefits.

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Getting Your

This section of the plan allows venture capitals, institutions, government, and private and financial sectors to have a clear understanding of the potential of their investment. Although LCG does not guarantee funding, we can provide access to a vast network of investors which can increase your potential to secure additional or preliminary funding.


  • Market Research And Entrance Strategy Development
  • A Comprehensive Business Plan
  • Banking (Day-To-Day Business Accounts, Credit, Investments)
  • Marketing Plan And Strategy Development
  • Legal, Accounting & Tax Professionals
  • Intellectual Property
  • Website Development
  • Customized Consulting Solutions For Your Needs
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Commercialization in Canada

The growing Canadian market is a hot area for any business wishing to enter. With strong government support for business success, the stage is set for you to expand your product and service offering into this market. Our network of business professionals has been established for over 15 years in a variety of businesses and government agencies. We can help you reach your goals quickly through introductions to key business partners and government lobbying groups.

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Commercialization in the United States

The American market still represents the largest single country economy and continues to grow.  It is a market of opportunity for any business looking for enormous growth.  The stage is set for you to expand your product and service offering into this market. There is strong government support for business success and Levin Consulting Group offers a turn-key opportunity to facilitate your expansion into this growing market.  Our long-term, active relationships with a large network of professionals, government agencies, banking, universities and marketing teams will be leveraged to make your entrance a grand success.

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Commercialization in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is the ideal location to find both a product test ground and unique technologies to bring to North America.  This region is rich with history and culture, a large population, diverse demographics, and extensive academic traditions making it perfect for commercialization of any product. We have very strong and active relationships in the Baltic region, Northern Europe and former Soviet Republics.  Levin Consulting Group is your best partner for scouting and managing business partnerships in Eastern Europe. We understand your business and support it with our vast Intellectual Property and business experience.

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Commercialization in Israel

Israel is a 67-year-old country with about 8 million people, yet it produces more start-up companies than larger, established nations including Japan, Canada, and the UK.  Israel has been labeled the “Start-up Nation” and for good reason.  It now has more high-tech start-ups and a larger venture capital industry per capita than any other country in the world. There are several reasons to bring your products to Israel.  Aside from expanding your global market penetration, we help you to find Joint Venture partners with innovations to supplement your technology and produce greater overall value.

commercialization services israel
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