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Patent Search

“Patent Searches are necessary for the research and development of an invention.”

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Patent Search is carried by using sources and technology to find any relevant Prior Art. Prior Art is any information or documentation relevant to an invention that has been disclosed to the public before a patent filing date. Patent Search is a broad term that includes different types of searches, such as Freedom to Operate Searches, Patentability Searches, Patent Validity Searches, and more. The searches help to identify the inventive step of the invention by comparing the invention to the Prior Art in Patentability Search, mitigate litigation risk, work out design around by identifying relevant patents in Freedom To Operate(FTO) search, and prepare contra arguments for potential litigation in a Validity Search.


  • Patentability Search
  • Freedom to Operate Search
  • Patent Validity Search
  • Prior art search
  • Patent search for non-infringement analysis
  • Patent search for patentability analysis
  • Patent search for evaluation of the state of the art
  • Patent search for validity analysis
  • Patent search for competitor’s market evaluation
  • Trademark search
  • Provisional patent application drafting
  • Competitive landscape evaluation
  • File history retrieval
  • IP Patent Portfolio Management
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What does a Patent Search Include

To search or not to search? That is a very important question. A question with a very simple answer: YES. A Patent Search begins with determining whether your new patent is novel. For something to be novel, it can not have appeared in any Prior Art. From there a patent report is made which lists all of the patents that are related to the invention attempting to be patented in order of most to least relevant. After no relevant patents are found that the invention could be infringing upon, the next stage of patenting can begin.


Why Do a Patent Search

Patent Searches are necessary for the research and development of any invention. They are done for a number of beneficial reasons including:


  • Ensuring time and money aren’t going into something already invented.
  • Determining if the invention is patentable before going through the application process.
  • Preventing the infringement of a patent that already exists.
  • Finding technological gaps or trends that haven’t been taken advantage of.
  • Assess the novelty of an invention before attempting to patent it.
  • Determining the validity of a patent before buying, selling or licensing it. 
  • Discover expired patents that can be used without paying royalties.
  • Assess the strength of a company’s patent portfolio.
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What Information Should Be Included in a Patent Search?

When you are looking to perform a patent search, it is important to provide as much information and documentation about the new invention as possible. This includes giving a detailed description of how the invention works, drawings depicting the invention, and photos of the invention. You should also include information that explains the industry in which the invention is catering to as a way to give some context of its purpose. Finally, you should include a list of competitors that have similar inventions.


Why Work with LCG

When you work with Levin Consulting Group, you can count on us to use all of our sources and prior experience to perform the most thorough and exhaustive Patent Search possible. We understand that for research and development of inventions to flourish, well-executed Patent Searches must first take place. That is why we always take every precaution necessary so you can develop exciting new inventions without worrying about patent infringement. 

We will conduct exhaustive prior art searches with all of our available sources to ensure that you can feel confident in the patentability of your invention. Beyond patent searches, you can come to us for Patent Portfolio Management, Medical Device Patents, Intellectual Property Rights Due Diligence (IPRDD), and IP Strategy Development services.

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